New arrivals style guide

Unique21 guide to style ——What type of dress would suit you best 2017?

Dress is the indispensable single product for every girl. When you don’t pay attention to wearing,one piece of dress is enough to make you glow.

But there are varieties of dress filling with temptation,you need to clear the properties of all the dress in order to make the right choice.

1 Tight Dress

Tight dress can show off the lovely figure perfectly and bring sexy,capable visual effects.

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In the meantime,it makes excessive demands on body. Don’t try it if you haven’t good figure.

2 H-type Dress

H-type dress always offers comfortable feeling.Knitting can make you look casual and light,woolen fabric can make you look capable and handsome, drape sense of a good fabric can highlight your sexy.

H-type dress to the requirement of shape is not high. Especially slight chubby should add it to your wardrobe.

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It is a remarkable fact that wearing a H-type dress reaching your 1/2 thigh can make you look taller and thinner.

3 A-type Dress

 A-type raises the waist line to the chest.on the one hand, it has the effect of shrinking shoulder width, on the other hand, the design of A-shaped skirt represents a cute taste.

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So A-type dress suits for the tall or Y/T-type body girl, and i promise that the belly girl seems like pregnant if dressing it.

4 X-type Dress

X-type dress takes on perfectly how feminine woman is, but most of all, it goes with everything.

It is suitable for every girl absolutely,the X waist design ably conceals the defect of body. Who can refuse the X-type Dress ?

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But you must learn that different tailoring should make some differences on one X-type which style is your personal menu?


Y-type body type —— wide shoulder strap V-neck X dress

O type body type —— high waist line wide swing X dress

H type body type —— slightly slim X dress

A type body type —— avoid short paragraph X dress

X type body type —— perfect match, just highlight your waist

OK!Do you know what suit for you now? The answer is shopping now



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